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Spellbound centre for professional studies has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of faculty members with reputation in their areas of specialization. Our faculty members come from different parts of india. In fact many of them are visiting as specialists to a number of professional institutions and academies of repute all over India. Presently, our team of distinguished faculty members teaching the professional courses subjects is at its best. Learning under most of them will be a joyful experience to the students always.


Aims and objectives

(i) To inculcate and encourage the development of right attitude and professional approach among students towards education which is the basic and fundamental requirement for passing a professional course.

(ii) To teach the fundamentals of various subjects in a highly extensive, systematic and in-depth manner to provide a firm grounding and foundation so as to enable further studies in a fruitful manner.

(iii) To create a congenial atmosphere so as to enable development of intellect, mental ability and values in understanding the fundamental concepts of learning to face challenges in profession and life alike.

Salient features:

(i) The step by step ladder approach specially designed for teaching CPT students help in comprehension of subjects in an effective and efficient manner reach the height with perfection.

(ii) Helping students understand and solve various concepts and problems in a logical and analytical manner.

(iii) Highly qualified, and dedicated and experience team of faculty members handle the subjects.

(iv) Accurate, complete and quality notes prepared by experienced and expert faculty members to assist clear understanding and easy learning by the students.

(v) Slow and systamatic exploring and syllabus in a sheduled time frame without sacrifciing quality and quantity (number of classes)lectures.

(vi) Convenient and student friendly timing is planned to suit all types of students.

(vii) A very highly reasonable fee structure of just Rs 6,000/- (all inclusive) is fixed for CPT courses.

(viii) Well furnished hall, equipped with modern teaching equipment for convenient and trouble free learning.


We, at Spellbound use a well structured simple and student friendly approach in teaching all the subjects. Good notes prepared by ably qualified and experienced teachers is our strength.

1. ACCOUTING, MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS: Keeping in view the defferent types of students, we have designed student friendly approaching teaching accounting, mathematics and statistics which cater to their needs. Scores of practical examples and problems on every topic are solved to provide a firm grounding to the students in these subjects.

2. MERCANTILE LAWS AND ECONOMICS: Mercantile laws and economics are made easy to understand and transformed in to interesting and scoring subjects through concept analysis and interpretation based on logical reasioning by expert faculty members. Mercantile laws is handled by Shri L. Jaraman who is best faculty in the country presently. It will a joyfull experience for students under him studying mercantile laws.


Sri L.Jayaraman: Sri L. Jayaraman is a successfull and reputed practicing company secretary and teacher by nature. He completed his Post Graducation in Commerce and successfully passed out his company setretary examination with flying colours, one of the most coveted professional courses in India. He took to practice as a company secretary and now he is a fellow number of the institute of company secretaries of india. In addition to his practice, parallely he started his teaching career as a visiting faculty in Hyderabad chapter of the institute of company Secretaries of India and other professional institutes.

The wide appreciation and tremendous responce from the students of various professional courses acted as spur to establish the Spellbound Centre for professional studies at Hyderabad to cater to the needs of students in this area. He has been teaching carporate and other laws since 20 years with unswerving commitment, consistency and integrity. He has taught over a staggering 85000 students in a span of 20 years. He has established himself over a period of time the undisputed leader in teaching Corporate and other laws across the length and breadth of the country.

In the opinion of students, he stands unparalleled, unrivalled and unbeatable in teaching Corporate and other laws. He has become synonymous with Corporate and other laws in the professional arena. He has addressed a wide variety of proffessionals through seminars, conferences and workshops throughout the country, the prominent ones include Fedaration of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ernakulam Branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of india.He was a managing commitee member of Hyderabad Chapter of Institute Of Company Secretaries Of India for six years.

Shri K. Veerendra patil: Shri K. Veerendra patil is a teacher by choice and teaching is a matter of passion than profession to him. K. Veerendra patil is a Post Graduate in Commerce (M.Com) and Management (PGDMSM). He completed his Master of philosophy (M Phil) in Human Resourse Management. He is teaching students of science, commerce and management at gradute and post graduate levels in various institutes as a visiting faculty since 9 years. He is also teaching students of Chartered Accountancy course since 4 years.

He is a visiting faculty in Economics, Statics, Accounting and Management in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Guntur, Vijayawada and Ongole. He had taught over 8000 students in span of 9 years. He uses step by step ladder approach in teaching students of CA-CPT to enable the subject them to comprehend and understand the subject in a clear and systematic manner. Slow, Simle and Easy method of teaching is his strength.

The step by step method specially designed caters to the needs of all students in general and to the students coming from Non-commerce and Non-english medium background in particular. He believes that "every great student had a past and every sincere student has a great future in studies and life". He is of the opinion that exellence is the results of persistent hard work, commitment and application of mind in the right direction. He believes that things do not happen, one has to make them happen for oneself.

Shri. Vinod G. Reddy: Shri G. Vinod Reddy is a Graduate in Commerce and an Associate member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is a practicing Chartered Accountant and is a partner in Sejal Gavane Reddy and Associates, Pune. G.Vinod Reddy is a teacher par excellence. He is teaching students Chartered Accountancy course at all the three level Viz, CPT, PCC/IPCC and Final since four years. In a short span of four years he has taught, guided and motivated over 3000 students of Chartered Accountancy Course.

He uses a unique approach to drive in the concepts straight into the minds of students with the help of simple language and appreciable number of the practical examples.He has mastered the art of making the subjects interesting and scoring. He has participated in various seminars and conferences of ICAI to keep him self abreast of latest changes in subjects. He has authored books on Mercantile Laws, Strategic Management and Quantitative Technologies. He is a highly dedicated teacher and a great motivator. He is a kind hearted person and believes that transformation in oneself is possible through hard work, determination and dedication.

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