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My dear friend,

14th January 2010

It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness when my mind brings back the images of yesteryears when I had a great opportunity to teach the young, dynamic and energetic would-be professionals like you.

Your hearty appreciation, tremendous response and unfailing support for all these years have been a great source of inspiration and motivation to carry on my humble service to the students better than ever. Fulfilling your expectations was the solitary objective which I carried in mind as a teacher. Your expectation, satisfaction and feedback have always encouraged me to perform to the best of my ability & knowledge with a high degree of integrity, consistency and unswerving commitment. I am indebted to all the students for what I am today.

My association with students for the last 20 years has enlightened and enabled me to understand the needs, expectations and requirements of professional course students. After teaching around 85000 students in this span of 20 long years of my teaching career, my thirst to serve the students has become as deep as ocean and as broad as sky.

I am very happy of inform you that we , with the kind support of highly dedicated and devoted team of faculty members, are working with great zeal and enthusiasm to develop and establish spellbound, the centre for professional studies as a centre of excellence imparting high quality education to the students of professional courses.

I am very happy to share with you the fact that the full fledged coaching classes started a few years back for CA-PCC/IPCC and FINAL students have been running in a consistently successful manner due to your unfailing support and word of mouth advertisement for which I am once again indebted to you.

My experience and intuition gave birth to a feeling that I can do a greater and purposeful service to the professional students if I can inspire, motivate and encourage the students in developing right attitude, values and professional approach so as to enable them in acquiring a firm grounding and foundation for successful completion of a professional course. A great challenge!

I believe that an education that does not inculcate basic values, right attitude and professional approach is worse than ignorance and illiteracy in the present competitive world.

Friends, therefore, I wish to start CA-CPT at Hyderabad to create opportunity for all the sincere students to purse their dream of becoming a successful Chartered Accountant.

I believe that students who join Spellbound would definitely stand to benefit and enjoy a number of advantages in many ways. Spellbound has an excellent team of faculty members with rich experience in teaching CA-CPT which would surely fulfil the expectations and needs of young and vibrant students. In addition to this, a highly reasonable fee structure of Rs 6000/- (Six thousand only) all inclusive, for all the subjects has been fixed to balance the students’ capacity vis-ŕ-vis the benefits. The first batch shall commence from 29th March 2010.

A right choice at the right time is of paramount significance for attaining success by the students, our guidance at the right time will be a real help to the students because CA-CPT lays down the very foundation for the Chartered Accountancy course and the future entirely depends upon what a student does at CPT level.

I request to you is kindly put a word about Spellbound Centre for Professional Studies, its aspirations, mission and objectives, to one and all who wish to pursue Chartered Accountancy Course. I also sincerely request you to send in your suggestions for any improvements.

I firmly believe that your kind words about Spellbound, to your near and dear ones and friends who wish to purse Chartered Accountancy course will go a long way in inspiring and motivating me and my team at Spellbound, in doing a greater, nobler and better service to students in particular and society in general.

With best wishes,
Thanking You,
For Spellbound Professional Projects Private Limited
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